Business areas

  • Housing


    Public promotion of social housing for the owners affected by urban management and to increase net number of houses, for sale and rent in the Barcelonès and in a timely manner through agreement with other municipalities outside this area.

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  • Urban facilities

    Urban facilities

    We build kindergartens, schools, public health centres, civic centres, etc, in neighbourhoods that need improvement or expansion of local public facilities or services. Projects aimed to meet the needs and improve the quality of life of citizens.

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  • Civil work

    Civil work

    Urbanization works in the municipalities that create public quality places: public squares, playgrounds, streets, pedestrian areas and recreation, among many others. In short, projects done by public initiative in the territory, that generate benefits in the cities.

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  • Parkings


    Parking promotion (sale, concession and rental). Network of short stay public parking garages, which includes a Park & Ride for trucks and motor homes in Barcelona.

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  • Uban Management

    Uban Management

    Implementation of global actions on the territory for the provision of land for facilities and services, and housing development.

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  • Urban renewal

    Urban renewal

    Renovation projects for residential buildings. Management and support to individuals for the renovation of structural pathologies of their homes.

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