REGESA promotes public housing in close collaboration with the housing policies of the municipalities in the Barcelonès and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Our housing developments are aimed at all groups (affected urban, young, elderly, disabled groups, etc.) with the aspiration of covering society’s needs in supplying housing at affordable prices in all shapes (rent, purchase, leasehold, etc.). In this respect, we develop adapted and accessible housing, designed for people, which are functional and cover the specific needs of different groups.

We continually seek innovative formulas that contribute, as well as developing and rehabilitating houses, to introducing permanent technical and architectural improvements, incorporating mechanisms into our work that guarantee respect for the environment, that are energetically sustainable, and which contribute to energy and family saving.

Citizens interested to apply for public housing, currently promoted by REGESA, have to do it through the channels and procedures that each local authority determines and which can be accessed via the following links:

All our housing developments are subject to regulation and public housing policy adopted by the Ministerio de Fomento and by the Generalitat de Catalunya, which can be found below: