Culture and values

At REGESA and REGESA APARCAMENTS I SERVEIS our culture is oriented with the vocation of public service and to add value to the cities. We conducted our management with responsible attitude, always in a close, immediate and responsive manner to the needs of municipalities and citizens.

We are an open and participatory organization. We have an agile, innovative and efficient spirit, which we integrate into all ours activities, being the major factors, the values of quality, innovation, pursuit of new approaches and commitment.

We contribute to the design and planning of cities, the attainment of land for the urbanising task, with integral and integrating actions, aimed at avoiding social exclusion and imbalance.

We understand housing as a basic element for social cohesion, so we develop public housing through different groups with the aim of covering society’s needs in supplying housing at affordable prices.

We continually seek innovative formulas that contribute, as well as developing and rehabilitating houses, to introducing permanent technical and architectural improvements and mechanisms into our work that guarantee respect for the environment, that are energetically sustainable, and which contribute to energy and family saving.

We act in a rigorous and agile way in our work, ever with criteria of transparency and economic efficiency in management.

This is our commitment.