Corporate objectives

REGESA and REGESA APARCAMENTS I SERVEIS as wholly state-owned, but by nature non-profit private, have developed a corporate policy that tends to get more flexibility and efficiency in achieving its objectives:

  • Urban renewal: provision of urban management and renovation to public and private entities (planning and implementation of land release and renovation offices in urban areas with bad structural conditions).
  • Land management: purchase of public or private urban land, both through the system of expropriation, as the beneficiary of the government or from a cooperative system.
  • Housing development: Public promotion of social housing in own solar or urban land, directed preferentially to the owners affected by urban management and to increase net number of houses, bringing to market a range of affordable housing.
  • Real estate offerings: supply diversification based on the different segments of the population and the achievement of economic and financial balance of the proceedings, within the various housing schemes of the municipalities where the companies operate and in all its types.
  • Urban facilities: implementation of global actions on the territory ranging from the redevelopment of neighbourhoods, neighbourhood developments, streets and squares, to the provision of facilities and quality services.
  • Contribute to sustainable mobility: construction of public parking, residential and rotation, to meet the demand of citizens in those areas where supply is insufficient. Management, consolidation and expansion of the network of public parks rotation.