REGESA, Societat Urbanísitca Metropolitana de Rehabilitació i Gestió, SA, is a company with wholly state-owned capital, established in 1984 by the Corporation Metropolitana de Barcelona and transferred, in 1988, to the Consell Comarcal del Barcelonès, which is its sole shareholder.

REGESA is a company serving municipalities, institutions and citizens, which operates in the territory without losing sight of profitability and competitiveness with which it was created.

The company operates in three main areas:

  • Land management, both through the compulsory purchase system as a beneficiary of the administrations, and through a system of cooperation, by acquiring public or private urban land.
  • Urban renewal, which REGESA has carried out held since it was set up through agreements with the councils and the l the Generalitat de Catalunya. The renovation offices provide management and technical assistance to individuals for renovating homes affected by serious structural problems.
  • Property development and Housing policies: acting as a public developer in its own area, by building social housing intended for people affected by town planning schemes and bringing a range of affordable housing on to the market.

Complex initiatives combine urban management, urban renewal and property development, interrelate each other through actions driven to dignify a wide spectrum of urban areas. So in the most recent period REGESA is deepening and reinforcing urban renewal and renovation policies and diversifying its business, which now takes shape with the construction of urban facilities, both cultural, educational, health and sports, among others.

REGESA is a dynamic company that actively participates in the housing sector, both from its activity as its proactive contribution to organizations and associations of industry experts. Is the founder of the Asociación Española de Promotores de Vivienda y Suelo (AVS) and of the Asociació de Gestors de Polítiques Socials d’Habitatge de Catalunya (GHS), is also a member of Associació de Promotors de Barcelona (APCE BCN) and is a shareholder in Barcelona Regional (BR).

Presentació de REGESA
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Societat Urbanística Metropolitana de Rehabilitació i Gestió, SA

CIF A-08905580

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